Fairy Wedding
Look at the happy eyes of this lovely fairy! Tomorrow she will marry the handsome Elf Prince! Their wedding is going to be full of magic, because all the magical creatures will come to the party. Will you make our fairy\'s wedding more special by picking the best outfits for bride and groom?
Baby Sophia Magical Garden
Meet our sweet baby Sofia! She is 4 years old and she\'s a very curious kid. Today she saw her granny working in the garden and now she wants to do some gardening too. Help baby Sofia to take care of her own small garden. Teach her how to plant a beautiful rose and how to pick harvest!
Princess Royal Hairstyle
Become a royal hairstylist in this exciting game!
Princess Pets Care
Princess Kate loves animals so much! She\'s got three pets and she likes to takes care of them.
Perfect Massage
For everyone who is tired, bored or depressed massage is a perfect therapy. In our game you will learn how to do the most efficient massage that will make your loved ones feel happy and relaxed. Learn how to apply massage oil, how to move your hands correctly and finish with a stone spa treatment.
Royal Dentist
As a royal person, little Prince George can have as many candies as he wants, so finally his teeth got really sick. Princess Kate is now searching for a talented dentist. How about you? Will you take care of the teeth of His Royal Highness? Clean them well and replace the bad teeth with new ones!
Prepare Your House for Little Nephews
This cute vampire Laura has got two monster nephews, and their mother asked Laura to babysit with them today. Laura has to prepare her house. She must take away all the fragile things, clean off all the dirt and make her house safe for little kids. She will hardly cope with it without your help!
Fairy Love Cupid
This beautiful fairy and the handsome elf here are both lonely and looking for love. Why don\'t you help them fall in love with each other?
Fairy Pets Care
Our cute fairy guards the magical forest and she needs to take care about all the magical animals there. Will you help her?
Cool Tattoo Artist
This tattoo salon is only for the coolest girls!
Fairy Fashion Designer
This beautiful fairy lives in a flower, and her friends are butterflies and moths. She is so tiny that she cannot buy clothes of her size anywhere. So she needs a very skilled fashion designer with delicate hands who can sew some tiny pretty dresses for her. Will you cope with this job?
Cool Supermarket Adventure
Help Alice to shop in the supermarket. Buy all the things listed above. Finish shopping in time and don\'t forget to pay!
Princess Wedding
Every fairytale must have a happy end, and most of them end with a wedding. Today wedding bells a ringing for this marvelous princess and her handsome prince! As a royal stylist, you should help them look magnificent. Pick the most beautiful wedding outfits and accessories for this royal couple!
Vampire Clan Visiting Dentist
This cute vampire girl is being bullied at her vampire school because of her bad teeth! She desperately needs to visit a dentist and her parents decided to take her to you. Clean off the remains of food and the caries and then replace the bad teeth with new ones. Give this cute vampire a perfect smile!
Princess Tattoo Salon
Did you know that even true princesses wear tattoos? Yes, they do! They find it very elegant and special. As tattoo pictures princesses usually prefer something magical: fairies, magic flowers and of course crowns. Now, do you have enough courage and talent to make a tattoo for this lovely princess?

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